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FE01 Escape PodsPlease send your questions at The TrekWar-Staff. At the moment this is list also contains a general collection of "things of interest".

Q: Is there a German version of the rules?

Sorry, but this will have to wait until March. There is a first (very short) and incomplete overview under this link.

Q: Can I play the TrekWar Battle Card Game online?

Yes you can! There is an Plug-In for the online card gaming software OCTGN, that David Schachtler made in his spare time.

Q: Is it possible to download the pictures for the cards and the board to
use them on a website?

Well, that depends on what you want to have. All material from this pages is freeware, so you may take and publish it if you grant us some credits. Here you will find a banner and sourcecode to do so.

We have not yet decided on giving away graphics or templates. We do not want to encourrage "private mods", but a community to work with us. So we will see, how this works out first.

Q: Is there a pdf version of the guide and/or the rules?

A: We have worked on that. Here is the link.

Q: Is this a licensed Star Trek game?

A: Most certainly not, or did you see anyone wanting money for this?

Q: Is Paramount going to shut down this site, if they find out?

A: Hopefully not. As other projects like "Ex Astris Scientia" ect. are still online we hope that this site will be tollerated as long as it stays freeware.

Q: What about other card games like this one, their companies might not want you offering such a game as freeware?

Frankly, we don't care. The Star Trek CCG is a nice thing to make money with, but it is not a fair thing favouring players who are capable to spend more money on their Deck than other ones. Moreover, TrekWar's game mechanism is quite different from the concept of the STCCG.

Q: I do have an idea for a new rule or a new card. Can I make it part of the game?

A: Yes, you can. First of all you should test your idea at home with other players in order to find out, if it works with all existing parts of the CURRENT VERSION of the game. If you all think, that it is a good idea, send us a mail. We again will examen the piece and play with it for hours. Eventually we will find it allright in general, but will send you a reply with suggestions for adjustments. If we can agree on the actual final version it will most certainly make it in the next release of the game.

Q: I have crafted a completly new Fleet. Are you going to publish it?

A: That depends. Just to let you know this: We are allready on a Borg Fleet, so don't waste your energy on that. A Fleet needs at least 30 Cards, aprox. 18 of these are Units (ALL CANON). That are the basics. The rest is simple: Testplaying for days, weeks and months.

When you think, you've got something, give it to us, we will cross examen your work and make suggestions on tuning the Cards. If we all are happy with the result, we will publish it.

Q: I have found lots of grammar and spelling mistakes on your site, where to post it?

A: Here.

Q: The Cards are unballanced. If I play Federation I allways loose. Will you do something about it?

A: It's just so that for beginners the Federation is a bit more difficult to master than the Dominion. Allways consider the possibility of a stratgic retreat and do not waste cards just because you can play them right now. Dominion plays a lot easier at the beginning, because they have lots of usefull Special Effects. With some practice both Fleets will do really fine.

Q: Do you know Blue Moon?

A: No idea what you are speaking of.

Q: Really?

A: Let's just say that with some help from you all, this game will soon be very different from anything out there.

Q: When will be the next release?

A: Maybe March.

Q: What is going to change?

A: The board will change and by this you will have to pay attention where you will want to fight next. We will also introduce capital ships which will affect the characteristics of your Deck. Most certainly there will be the first new Cards created by Users and the Staff. And if you are very lucky there might be a Beta of the Borg Deck.

Q: I don't think that you got all the ship's values right. When will you fix them?

A: We tried to get them "relativly" right. The Dominion Heavy Cruiser is stronger than a Galaxy or Defiant Class ship, a Defiant stroger than a Keldon or Galor Class and so on. We needed to "bend" the canon in order to keep the game playable.

Q: I have a better picture/descrption for a card. Can I post it?

A: Yes, of course. Send us a Mail.

Q: Will there be a real game with real cards and a real board in a real box in a real shop for me to buy?

A: Most certainly not. This game shall grow every couple of weaks by a significant number of Cards. A "hard" Version would be something like the Star Trek CCG and we do not want you people to spend your money on that every month.

Q: Is there going to be a multi-player variant of the game?

A: That is very much likely, but not in the near future.

Q: What is going to be the next TrekWar game?

A: Sorry, that information is classified.