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Downloads > OCTGN Plug-In

For legal reasons, please read the following carefully:

OCTGN- The Plug-In is provided "as-is". You cannot claim any technical support. However you may post questions on the message boards.

- You need the software OCTGN which you can download here. OCTGN has its own licensing conditions which you have to accept seperately.

- You use the software OCTGN and this Plug-In at your own risk. The Spiral Studios are not affiliated with http://www.cardfloppers.com in any form. Technical issues with the software may only be addressed to http://www.cardfloppers.com if the licensing conditions of the software admit this.

- You may not bypass this licensing-procedure by linking directly to the software or the upcoming download-page.

- After your download has finished, you will follow the instructions in the "install.txt" which is part of the archive.

- You will not distribute, reverse engineer or alter the Plug-In or parts of it.

Yes, I understand and accept the above terms and conditions.

No, I do not accept this conditions.