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Rules > 1.1 Booster Rules

Link zur deutschen Version.


DU08 Cardassian Galor ClassThere are some changes made to the game with it going Version 1.1.

Corrected Cards

There a four Cards in the Booster which were already Part of the Game in the Version 1.0. Exchange the existing Cards with the new ones. In all future Expansions it will be asumed, that you use the first edition of the Game with these four new Cards.

New Cards

The twelve new Cards shall be used with the Standard-Decks of the first edition. They are played exactly like the old ones.

Changes in the Stages

There is a important change in the rules: Maneuvers are not turned down in the Initial Stage but imediatetly after playing a new Unit. So, Maneuvers stay active until a new Unit is played.