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Coming soon

BM01 Resistance is FutileThere are the first new things coming this March. Here you will find the definite feature list as the edition grows.

Update: The Borg Deck proves to be more difficult to ballance than expected. In fact, the current Alpha Version of the Deck is to weak (!). So there will be no Beta-Release in March or April. On the other Hand, the Booster can be expected to arraive in April. We are really sorry about being late with the release, but we have to do our work for university, too.

1.1 Booster Beta-Testers wanted

It's done! 12 all new Cards for the BCG are designed and ready for testing. Join the Forum in order to receive a copy of the 1.1 Booster and be one of the first to play with the new Cards.

The Complete List of Cards in the 1.1 Booster:

- FE04: Klingon Wedding

- FM01: Alliance (corrected Version)

- FM05: Quantum Torpedos

- FC06: Chief O'Brien

- FU01: Deep Space Nine (corrected Version)

- FU19: Federation Centaur Class

- FU20: Federation Sabre Class

- FU21: Sisko's Jem'Hadar Fighter

- DE03: Blitz (corrected Version)

- DE04: Diplomatic Interference

- DM04: Waves

- DC03: Ketracel White (corrected Version)

- DC07: Gul Dukat

- DU19: Karemma Freighter

- DU20: Jem'Hadar War Ship

- DU21: Cardassian Convoy

Credit to David Schachtler, who found most of our errors.

New concepts in 1.1 Booster:

- Explicit references to species and names. An Example? Of course! What about a Event that states:
"All, but Federation Units are ignored."

The Borg Expansion:

- Multi-Card Units which consist of more than one Card. For example the Borg Cube will have four so called Parts with indiviual features.

- Therefore a new "Action Chain" Symbol will be indroduced indicating, that you need to play the complete Chain in order to perform an Action.

- As in the 1.1 Booster there will be more specific references to the Cards' Names.

Preview Cards

This Cards are subject to change!

- BC01: Borg Queen
BC01 Borg Queen

- BU15 Borg Mine
BU15 Borg Mine

- BE01 A Part of Us
BE01 A Part of Us

- BM03 Addaption
BM03 Addaption

- FE04 Klingon Wedding
FE04 Klingon Wedding

- DE04 Diplomatic Interference

Check back often!