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Recent Updates

FM01 Alliance

05.26.2009: Minor changes and corrections

01.18.2007: News updated

01.13.2007: News, Home, FAQ, Downloads, Media and Links updated (TrekWar now online playable)

07.02.2006: News and Links updated

06.22.2006: Minor changes (removal of broken links)

08.26.2005: Minor changes (removal of broken links)

04.29.2005: Major update for 1.1 Booster Release

04.26.2005: Home update

04.25.2005: Home and Links update

04.24.2005: Major update

04.23.2005: Home and Lnks update

04.22.2005: Links update

04.20.2005: Home and Links update

04.16.2005: Home update

04.15.2005: Home and Cards update

04.14.2005: Home and Cards update

04.06.2005: Major Update

03.23.2005: First real German contend added (offline)

02.18.2005: Minor code improvements

02.18.2005: Links, Home and Cards update

02.08.2005: Links, Home and Cards update

02.03.2005: Links, Home and Cards update

01.30.2005: Update on Borg Expansion, Cards and Rules Section

01.27.2005: Official Trailer online, Preview update

01.25.2005: Major update

01.22.2005: Home update

01.21.2005: FAQ update

01.16.2005: Major update

01.15.2005: New Cards Section added, Rules Tutorial completed (offline)

01.12.2005: Minor updates

01.10.2005: Rules updated

01.09.2005: Major update, first playable version online!

01.08.2005: First draft of Rules complete (offline)

01.07.2005: Working on Rules (offline)

01.03.2005: Minor updates

01.01.2005: Pre-Alpha-Version online

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